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Des Akt. Tööstuslik radioaktiivsete jäätmete käitlus.

Industrial Management of Radioactive Waste

Our goal is to provide a service that would help to neutralize and, if possible, reuse waste and waste already generated or potentially generated in the course of industrial activities.


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Our Services

Preparation of environmental permits
Hazard elimination of industrial sites and laboratories before construction or repair
Dismantling and, if necessary, neutralization of contaminated equipment
Water treatment (NOM, AOEM)
Pressure equipment works, construction manufacturing, pipeline assembly
Development of various environmental and production technologies
Management of chemical and radioactive pollution and residue
Development of production technologies and processes, construction and operating of pilot lines. Coordination and management of industrial projects.
Special solutions with PUR and polyurea coatings


Environmental principles

The services of Des Akt OÜ comply with all the required quality, environmental, and occupational safety requirements. We consider the needs of each client and offer not only professional service but also a reasonable price-quality ratio.

Des Akt OÜ chooses an economically reasonable, environmentally friendly, and safe solution from new technologies, equipment, or materials. We prevent environmental pollution and reduce the negative environmental impact of the company's operations.

Our practice focuses on ensuring and controlling the quality of work/service and considers all aspects of environmental management.

Des Akt OÜ fulfills all obligations arising from orders, contracts, and laws and takes into account the changing economic environment in its operations.

Member of Estonian chamber of Industries

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