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DES AKT OÜ was formed by the people who led the 2015-2016 demolition and decontamination project of Silmet factory 51 with prior longterm HAZMAT experience in various environmental and industrial cleaning/decontamination projects


Our mission is to be the trusted partner for radioactive waste (e.g. NORM-wastes) processing solutions, delivering exceptional decontamination, monitoring, and radiation safety services that exceed client expectations.


We adhere strictly to all regulations and industry best practices, ensuring our work promotes and maintains a safe and responsible environment.


DES AKT OÜ got 2019 ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificate for “Provision of services related to management, decontamination and characterization of radioactive waste”


Environmental Principles

The services of Des Akt OÜ comply with all established quality, environmental and occupational safety requirements. We take into account the needs of each customer and, in addition to professional service, we also offer a reasonable price-quality ratio.
Des Akt OÜ chooses an economically reasonable, environmentally friendly and safe solution from new technologies, equipment or materials. We prevent environmental contamination and reduce the negative environmental impact resulting from the company's activities.
Our operational practice focuses on ensuring and controlling the quality of work/service and considers aspects of environmental management.
Des Akt OÜ fulfills all obligations arising from orders, contracts and laws and takes into account the changing economic environment in its operations.

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