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Completed Projects


Silmet rare earths factory HMT51 demolition

Rare earth metals production plant HMT51 post-fire demolition and decontamination. HTM51 building debris and equipment were contaminated with chemicals (e.g. HF acid) and raw materials processed in the factory, resulting in mixed hazardous and radioactive waste.
Any contamination of chemicals were removed and processed.
NORM contaminated wastes were stored separately for later processing and possible release.

Silmet factory HMT51 decontaminated materials processing and release

Demolition works produced about 2500 t of NORM contaminated scrap metal.

In total 625 t of NORM wastes were shipped to USA

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Silmet industrial kiln comissioning and startup

Gas fired, 38 m calciner kiln installation and commissioning.

We performed the startup operation and running during test phase.

Dismantling of Nitrofert carbamide and ammonia plant

Nitrofert was an ammonia and carbamide production plant with an annual production capacity of 215000 tons of ammonia and 266000 tons of carbamide per year. 

Carbamide production plant (including process columns, tanks, heat exchangers)

Carbamide granulation plant

Ammonia synthesis plant

The dismantling and disassembly of process equipment, including reactors, columns, tanks, heat exchangers, piping etc. Disassembled equipment was prepared for packing and transportation with the intent of reassembly in a new location. 

We organised transportation, including customs. 

Dismantling resulted in 6000 tons of equipment for transportation, approximately 200 trucks including oversize freight. 


REEtec rare earth metals production plant EPC

REEtec is a Norwegian company specializing in the production of high-purity rare earth elements (REE). DES AKT carried out engineering and installation of critical parts of the rare earth metals production process. DES AKT performed technological equipment sourcing and procurement.

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